Missing you!   

A hand-written letter, home-made cakes, lingering smells and tastes from a place we long for. Messages from people we miss can reach a long way and reduce the distance between us, for a while. 

Memories of letters and parcels arouse emotions. A saved letter can be a key to our common history or your personal history. 

Dear Visitor, this exhibition is our love letter to you. It is also a package with carefully selected items from the Museum’s collections. A representation of what we know most about and feel most enthusiastic about: letters, parcels and stories.  

Encouragement for you to want to create with your heart or hand, a wish that you will find your own history and listen to other people’s 

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Tuesday–Saturday 11 AM–4 PM


To do in Missing you!

The bed of jealousy

Lay down and listen on the bed of jealousy.

A letter or a parcel?

Send yourself to someone you like.

Look, listen and read

Get inspired by stories and memories