Hello! A playful exhibition on communication

The human nature have an urge to communicate. How do we communicate differently by mail, digitally or through the silent body language.

Fold envelopes and make your own picture postcards. Do mirror writing and make up secret codes. Practise handwriting and use the typewriter. In our quiet area you can communicate without words. You can also learn more about the process of making a stamp today.

Opening hours

Tuesdays–Saturdays 11 am4 pm

This happens in Hello!

Decipher more

Create secret cipher text.

Focusing on stamps

Try out engraving and learn more about the production of stamps.

Try the typewriter

Try out the typewriter or practise handwriting with chalk on blackboards.

Our exhibitions


A playful exhibition on communication. Type the typewriter or practise handwriting with chalk on black boards.

The Treasure Chamber

Enjoy rarities such as beautiful letters with our first Shilling Banco stamps and a unique stamp sheet with 4 Shilling Banco.

Your Post

Learn about how Sweden and the Swedish Post Office has changed since the 17 th century.

The Little Post Office

The Little Post Office is closed.