Welcome to Postal Art!


What happens when seventy odd creative people are inspired by Postmuseum’s collections and translates them into something new?


A few years ago we visited the Canadian postal museum in Ottawa.  In their collections they have a section called Postal Art – objects created and inspired by mail. We were both impressed and inspired by these objects and felt that we wanted to create a whole exhibition on “Postal Art” at Postmuseum in Stockholm.


In the autumn of 2017, we started a collaboration with Gerlesborgsskolan, a two-year foundation art school. During the autumn of 2018, the school’s second year students have been working on the theme post/letters/parcels/communication.  They have visited Postmuseum for inspiration and have then continued working on the theme at school.


This year another group has also been visiting the Museum.  Every Wednesday, the club Skapande Broderi Stockholm (Creative Embroidery Stockholm) visit us.  They have been working on the same premise as the art school students.


In the exhibition you will also find artwork by the artists Linn Lindström and Kirstine Lund.  The collection Simultaneous Souvenirs (a record of a wordless correspondence) is about communication, material and memories. At 12 noon on a pre-determined day they each collect synchronously an object and send it to each other by post. Simultaneous Souvenirs is a mail-art project that has been ongoing for three years.










November 2018


December 2019

Welma visiting Postal Art