The Little Post Office

The Little Post Office is closed. Later this year we will open a new exhibition for our youngest visitors.


Opening hours

The Little Post Office is closed.


To do at The Little Post Office

Load the postal van and go!

Load the postal van and find the right adress.

Deliver post

Sort and deliver post to the residents of the winding alleyways.






Deliver parcels

Sort and deliver parcels.







Stamp letters and forms

Keep it tidy at the Post Office. Put on a stamp and mark it.





Make your own post card

Make your own postcard, put on a stamp, stamp it and put it in the mailbox.

Our exhibitions


A playful exhibition on communication. Type the typewriter or practise handwriting with chalk on black boards.

Your Post

Learn about how Sweden and the Swedish Post Office has changed since the 17 th century.

The Treasure Chamber

Enjoy rarities such as beautiful letters with our first Shilling Banco stamps and a unique stamp sheet with 4 Shilling Banco.