Jaqe, 232 Arlöv. Foto: Camilla Cherry

Jaqe, 232 Arlöv. Foto: Camilla Cherry

Linda Pira, 165 Hässelby. Foto: Camilla Cherry
Cleo, 903 Umeå

Cleo, 903 Umeå.

Foto: Camilla Cherry

Ison Glasgow, 127 Bredäng Foto: Camilla Cherry

Parham, 414 Högsbo Foto: Camilla Cherry

You are proud and happy when you hear them in a song or see them sprayed on a wall.  You have them tattooed on your arm or in your name on social media.   The first three digits of your postcode. Together they say something about who you are, where you come from, where home is.  It’s a way to put your area on the map.


To let a postcode represent your place is common and important in Swedish hip hop.  That’s what this exhibition is about.  Helping us are the photographer Camilla Cherry, the music journalist Malkolm Landreus, artists, researchers, students. And, of course, the artists themselves!



Together with the Swedish rappers Linda Pira, Ison Glasgow, Petter, Parham, Kitok, Cleo, Jaqe, Little Namo, Labyrinth, producers Salla and Masse Salazar, music journalist, researchers, artists and high school students we find out how and why location and postcodes are so important for the hip culture. The exhibition features photographer Camilla Cherry’s  portraits, taken in a place chosen by the artists.



Open until 30 september 2020